Fedora Activity Day , conducted by DGPLUG held on DR. B C Roy Engineering College on 14th and 15th May. As planning all the we the members of DGPLUG , me ie: Meejanur Rahaman, Ratnadeep Debnath , Kishan Goyal, Subhadeep Biswas, Arindam, Harsh Verma and Rangeen Basu Roy Choudhry(sherry151) co-ordinated the program.

@Day 1:

We all reached at college in the morning, and it took almost 1/2 an hour to set up projectors etc.And the the program started¬† at 11:30 with around 27 students from mainly the 2nd year and some 1st , 3rd, 4th year students. The program started with Arindam giving the introduction to Fedora which continued with Kishan’s “Myths about Linux busted with Fedora”. It was followed with Life with Fedora, and then Amrita, Debashree showed how to draw diagram in inscape vector graphics tool. It was followed up by demo of KDE to the participants by rtnpro, Suny, and Rangeen. It was then time to 2:10, to take a break and we planned to meet at 2:50. in between there was a power cut. We all came within 2:50 , but we had to shut down all the computer and we left only the pojecter and laptop. With he Airtel net connection Rangeen show the IRC, through mibbit.com as X-chat was blocked by Airtel. And now it was the time for the attraction of the day, FEL. There were some around 12 ECE students. But for the power cut, projector also stopped working. Then Rangeen showed the application, tools of FEL , which we show to all the students with our own laptops. And the session to be of 1:30 hour, it it was finished for hat day, and we announced about the next day is going to be a more interactive session to be of commands and programming(GCC, Java).

@Day 2:

The 2nd day session started at around 11:30am. There were some new faces and some old faces were absent too due to their internal exams. However the program started with some videos tv.dgplug.org of ksnapshot, ocular etc. Then the main program started with Harsh , the basic shell comands. In between Subhadeep explained the file heirchy system, and file permission etc. hen I ( rtnpro) took on the how to install softwares in Fedora via the YUM package manager and Package-kit.Subhadeep explained what is repository, and showed local-mirror set-up etc.  The next session was of Vi text editor which was explained by Divyanshu. The students was told to do this in thei computers, and we helped them doing so. And it was 2:20 then. So we called for a break.

We all came within 3:00, and a session of GCC was going to start. It took almost 1:30 hour time to elucide the basics of GCC, why we use GCC, C99 std etc. Then Arindam explained how to run program in Anjuta IDE. It was almost 5:00. Then again a power cut. But still Subhadeep explained how to install Java, to run Java in linux, , Open JDK etc. And he also showed them the code done for GSoc. At last we distributed DVDs and stickers to all and it was almost 6:00pm, when we finished all.

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