2nd day @Barasat: #Worst journey of my life

Really, that we can call a worst journey, and nothing else what I experience yesterday, while going Barasat for 2nd day.
We started the journey at 9:30 am, much before than the previous day. But the” benefit=/dev/null”. We asked the bus contractor if the bus will go to “Coloni more“. He said “no”. Then I took two ticket for “Dakbanglo more“. But in between rtnpro inquired from the bus contractor and told me “we will not go down in Dakbanglo more rather we’ll go some more further from where our destination will be closer.”

But our destination was our mistake. How a small, tiny mistake can make a big, worst effect, we faced it there. We had to go “Kajibari“. But we used the word “Kajipara“. And to increase our trouble there was really a place named “Kajipara” in Barasat. At that time we were thinking “ok, we’re going now , it will take maximum half-an-hour to reach to the university in riksha.” But when we reached Kajipara, there were not a single person who knew about that West Bengal State University. When our conversation proceeded with the person present there, what we heard that was really miserable. There was not only a single “Kajipara” rather there were 2 “Kajipara” in Barasat. The persons were telling, “you people probably have come the wrong “Kajipara”, but you have to go to the other.
And, still we didn’t know about our mistake (Kajipara instead of Kajibari). However, by that time, we became sure we have visited one “Kajibari”, the another one which we had not visited would surely be our destination.” So we again hired a riksha and went towards the other “Kajibari”. Again, another surprise was waiting for us. When were going, as the path seemed to be different from that of the previous day, we asked the “rikshawala”,”why he path is looking a little bit different today?” and he told us ” you were going from coloni more more yesterday, but now I’m going by another way.” Thus when we reached there, the same thing happened. Nobody knew about the newly built University. (How could they know! Our mistake was at the root level).
We called Kishan and asked him, “what is the exact lacation of the University, ask any person there?”. And he again told “You people just come to “Kajipara”. That’s the name”. We said “we visited both two Kajipara, one at Taki road and another at Jashohar road, there is no Kajipara left out in Barasat now”. He couldn’t help us. We began to inquired the local people and we understood something wrong to be happened.
Again we called Kishan “You first ask anybody, then only you tell the location’s name”. To increase our headache he said after some time “Sorry, I have told you wrong name at that time. The place is Kajibari not Kajipara.” Now, it seemed that we just woke up from our deception and everything became clear to us. And finally we reached to our destination. [:x]

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