Barasat:1st day

Yesterday, I first time visited the West Bangal State University, Barasat. Me with Rtnpro, Kishan, Yevlempy(Harsh), Chandana first went to IndraDG’s home and from their we set out for Barasat. We reached the university around 12:30 p.m.

After reaching university IndraDG led us to the Server Room. He made us acquainted with the equipments in use there. He told us in a brief about the the batteries being charged by this big UPS which seemed to be like CPU[:x]. This UPS is used to charge some 20 batteries which are arranged on a shelf, blocks of 4 in each of the five rows.
After that, we set up a Desktop in place of the already-setup one. But the system was not working properly, so we had to install Fedora 10 again in it. After the installation was complete, rtnpro began his task: downloading the Fedora 11 repository.
By that time, IndraDG took me to the top of the building, showed me where from the 5mbps net connection was coming, another tower that to be set up. I have also seen the wiring in differnt places, and even the library, reading room,behind the tables.
But, rtnpro seemed to be having some trouble with it. Susmit da mailed some instructions to rtnpro and at last IndraDG had to helped him doing these all.

However, finally After all works been finished, we left the university at 5:30 p.m. I, along with other guys and IndraDG and SstephDG came home with the faculty bus and reached at around 8:00. I was so tired that I went bed as soon as I reached to my room.

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