An update

It’s already have been many days of writing my last post. Many days passed of and many works have been done in between times.

a)Me and rtnpro went on WBUT with IDG for a troubleshooting of the old server was working for 4 years 24×7! The data inside the CPU was to be recovered. The CPU was totally out of order. We failed to start this. So, IDG planned to take out the hard disk and and connect in another CPU then it would be possible to get the data out of it. And the recovered data was to be copied later.

b)After Bula mada’m computer it was the turn of another computer of Najmun madam to be installed. Harsh was having a exam that day, so IDG asked me and rtnpro to do the task in the morning and Harsh was supposed to join us after finishing his exam. We went there at around 11 am in such a rainy day. We had to suffer a lot because of the heavy rain of that day. The installation part has been done the previous day when Harsh and rtnpro went there. First she complained that the dafult boot option has to be changed, time delay has to be changed. So I changed them in /etc/grub,conf file. Her computer has the problems with display, for her SIS 330 graphics and old one monitor of resolution 800X768. However all these problems have been solved. And we returned to our place in the evening after the client being happy with her system.

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