Workshop at IMPS College, Malda

A workshop on Fedora was organised at IMPS College of Engineering at Malda started from 12th October to 14th. You can get the event page here.

As the workshop was scheduled to be started in the morning of 12th, we set out at the evening of 11th. Me, Kishan and RatnadeepĀ  boarded the train from Malda where Kushal and Harsh already started from Sealdah. However, we reached at around 7:30am at IMPS, Malda.

After talking with the HOD of IT there, we came to know there will be workshop for 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year IT student. The workshop started with a small talk of Kushal on a brief introduction on Fedora, Red Hat and the opportunity of project works on this field. This was followed by a speech of Ratnadeep. Then we all(me, Kishan, Harsh) shared our experience of working on FOSS, how everybody can contribute to it only with ones wish and endeavour to do. After these all stuffs the main workshop started – the basic python. In 2 class of 2 hour it is not possible to complete the whole python. But it enough to show the student some basics and easy things which arise interest among students. Kushal showed them python in the screen and was giving exercises to do them in between. And we four helped them to do the thing, showing and helping them to fix the errors. Next day, django and differnt more things was shown. These all things were repeated to 2nd year and 3rd year students again. At last, different dvds, pdf and doc. were given to the students for further and future help.

We left in the evening. And wish to have such experiences in future.

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