a day at HETC

I was in Kolkata for nearly a month. But staying at a same place for a long time is really boring :-(. So, I planned to visit to my friends college(Hoogly Enginnering and Technology College). He also asked me come for 2 years to their place. But I really didn’t get the opportunity. And, I had to install Fedora in my friend, Arsad Ali’s laptop.

So, as planned earlier, I set out at 8:30 in the morning, and reached there at around 11:30 am. He earlier told me that I have to install Fedora in another 4 or 5 systems. But after reaching there, I saw the 3rd year student present there don’t know about Linux or Foss. Some of them heard the word,”Linux” but don’t want to install it. When I asked them the reason, they said they can’t misuse(according to them) the system’s space! But I surprised to see almost half portion of their computer’s memory is occupied by different movies which they were unwilling to delete. I saw my friend Arsad to be the only guy interested over there though being a electronics student. However, I installed Fedora 10 in his system and installed all the repos and packages and codecs needed. I took a pocket hard-disk containing them all, so it was easy without net connection. I taught him how to connect net from mobile in Fedora, and told him how he could contribute to different Fedora -project.

They had a party on that night. So, I also enjoyed much with them. After reaturning at his room, I gave him a FEL live dvd and asked him to use that as he was an ECE guy. Making him understood the benifit of FOSS I told him to use those.  And in the next day, I returned Kolkata in the very morning 🙂