FAD, Pune

This weekend I had had a great experience. I went to Pune and attended FAD at Red Hat Ofice, Pune. This continued for two days, 29th and 30th May. I mainly worked on adding more features and killing some more bugs on gFotoStat.
It’s been a few months, me and Kishan working for gFotoStat and within these two days, we both worked together and  succeeded to do the followings:
i)Added Year-wise bar-chart and pie-chart.
ii)Percentage of images has been changed to number of images in the bar-chart.
iii)Help -> About is working now.
iv)Clicking the Save button and while browsing the home directory is coming by default.
We were trying to add some more features but we got stuck at some point. Hoping to solve them and release the next version(v 0.3) in a very short time. It’s really a very great experience to attend such a FAD and worked together with so many people and hope to attend such in near future again:)
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repo created-gFotoStat

After the second release of gfotostat, the next important works to be done was to make the rpm and to create the repo for  gfotostat. So, as to the need, me and Kishan after working for some hours, succeeded to make the rpm, and the the repo of it. Then we created the .repo file.

  • The repo can be found here
  • The .repo file can be found here

Hope to kill the bugs and add some some more features shortly.

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gFotoStat v0.2 released

After the released of v0.1 of gFotoStat lots of changed has been made. So, it’s time to release the next version of gFotoStat. Me and Kishan tried our best to add the features and to kill the bugs. And lastly, we released it – gFotoStatv 0.2.

The latest version can be downloaded here.

New features added :-

  • All generated images have proper descriptions.
  • Bar chart functionality added. Now, user has option to view either pie chart or bar charts.
  • User can save the generated image(s) from the File menu (it saves in the png format as of now).

Hopefully, in the next release, we’ll add timeline based barchart, upload the image to flicker etc. Lots of bugs are still there. Hope to kill them before the next release. Waiting for your comments/feedback that will make gFotoStat better than what is now 🙂

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Wake up

The last time I coded was for system-config-boot-tui. Then, it was my exams and all those stuffs, which kept me away from doing  any new project. Yesterday, after a long time I got a idea, to work with photos. We gave it the name gFotostat. The aim of this project is that, it will browse the folder I want to choose from my computer and will automatically  find out all the photos within this folder. From the metadata of the photos, we are supposed to get the corresponding information like aperature, ISO, focus length etc. According to the information, it’ll just draw a PIE-CHART showing all the photos of a similar range.

We(me and Kishan) started our work at around 9:30pm. Slowly we started designing the basic gui needed for the projet and till 4:am we’ve succeeded to show upto the PIE-CHART based on iso of the photos.

The link at git:   here.

Thanks to Kushal who inspired us every time to do some work. Hope to add the rest features in gFotostat as soon as possible:)

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My first step to python:System-config-boot-tui.py

I wanted to do any small project on python for some days. And in way of searching any project, I found there was no tui version of system-config-boot file. Getting the opportunity, I along with my friend Kishan, decided to work on it.

To do our work , we had to study (newt-python)snack module of python. We also took help from two example of snack named peanuts.py & popcorn.py present in /usr/share/doc/newt-python-0.52.10/. The gui version code at /usr/share/system-config-boot/boot-gui.py helped a lot to understand the concept of system-config-boot.

After completing the code we sent it to Herald, who accepted it, and after some changes we commited it in git. The links are given below:

  • link for git: here
  • link to the rawhide build: here

And, thanks a lot to Kushal for mentoring us. This is our first works and I expect a lot of works to happen  in the upcoming days.

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a day at HETC

I was in Kolkata for nearly a month. But staying at a same place for a long time is really boring :-(. So, I planned to visit to my friends college(Hoogly Enginnering and Technology College). He also asked me come for 2 years to their place. But I really didn’t get the opportunity. And, I had to install Fedora in my friend, Arsad Ali’s laptop.

So, as planned earlier, I set out at 8:30 in the morning, and reached there at around 11:30 am. He earlier told me that I have to install Fedora in another 4 or 5 systems. But after reaching there, I saw the 3rd year student present there don’t know about Linux or Foss. Some of them heard the word,”Linux” but don’t want to install it. When I asked them the reason, they said they can’t misuse(according to them) the system’s space! But I surprised to see almost half portion of their computer’s memory is occupied by different movies which they were unwilling to delete. I saw my friend Arsad to be the only guy interested over there though being a electronics student. However, I installed Fedora 10 in his system and installed all the repos and packages and codecs needed. I took a pocket hard-disk containing them all, so it was easy without net connection. I taught him how to connect net from mobile in Fedora, and told him how he could contribute to different Fedora -project.

They had a party on that night. So, I also enjoyed much with them. After reaturning at his room, I gave him a FEL live dvd and asked him to use that as he was an ECE guy. Making him understood the benifit of FOSS I told him to use those.  And in the next day, I returned Kolkata in the very morning 🙂

2nd day @Barasat: #Worst journey of my life

Really, that we can call a worst journey, and nothing else what I experience yesterday, while going Barasat for 2nd day.
We started the journey at 9:30 am, much before than the previous day. But the” benefit=/dev/null”. We asked the bus contractor if the bus will go to “Coloni more“. He said “no”. Then I took two ticket for “Dakbanglo more“. But in between rtnpro inquired from the bus contractor and told me “we will not go down in Dakbanglo more rather we’ll go some more further from where our destination will be closer.”

But our destination was our mistake. How a small, tiny mistake can make a big, worst effect, we faced it there. We had to go “Kajibari“. But we used the word “Kajipara“. And to increase our trouble there was really a place named “Kajipara” in Barasat. At that time we were thinking “ok, we’re going now , it will take maximum half-an-hour to reach to the university in riksha.” But when we reached Kajipara, there were not a single person who knew about that West Bengal State University. When our conversation proceeded with the person present there, what we heard that was really miserable. There was not only a single “Kajipara” rather there were 2 “Kajipara” in Barasat. The persons were telling, “you people probably have come the wrong “Kajipara”, but you have to go to the other.
And, still we didn’t know about our mistake (Kajipara instead of Kajibari). However, by that time, we became sure we have visited one “Kajibari”, the another one which we had not visited would surely be our destination.” So we again hired a riksha and went towards the other “Kajibari”. Again, another surprise was waiting for us. When were going, as the path seemed to be different from that of the previous day, we asked the “rikshawala”,”why he path is looking a little bit different today?” and he told us ” you were going from coloni more more yesterday, but now I’m going by another way.” Thus when we reached there, the same thing happened. Nobody knew about the newly built University. (How could they know! Our mistake was at the root level).
We called Kishan and asked him, “what is the exact lacation of the University, ask any person there?”. And he again told “You people just come to “Kajipara”. That’s the name”. We said “we visited both two Kajipara, one at Taki road and another at Jashohar road, there is no Kajipara left out in Barasat now”. He couldn’t help us. We began to inquired the local people and we understood something wrong to be happened.
Again we called Kishan “You first ask anybody, then only you tell the location’s name”. To increase our headache he said after some time “Sorry, I have told you wrong name at that time. The place is Kajibari not Kajipara.” Now, it seemed that we just woke up from our deception and everything became clear to us. And finally we reached to our destination. [:x]

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Visiting Bijra High SChool

It was 16th February when me(Meejanur) and Ratnadip went to take the classes at Bijra High School. That was the first time I took any class at School. As in the previous week the other members of our team already visited there and took classes of V. Already they have taught them the basics about computer means what is keyboard, monitor, mouse etc. They atleast got an clear picture about what computer is. So me and Ratna planned to take classes of class VII and VIII and the practical class of class V. But we reached there a little late bacause of the bad communication system.

However we reached at around 11:30.As the number of students of one class was more than 70 so we had to devide the entire class in two part because of the lack of computer there.  We started the computer and then took the practical classes of  of V-A section. Within this half portion we again devide them in parts of boys and girls.Ratna took the the responsibility of making one group understand and I took one parts. We show them the components of computer as taught in the previous class. Some students grasped it at the moment, some created disturbance for lack of their English knowledge. Some of them even didn’t know yhe meaning of left and right[:)]. Then they were told how to type. They were then asked to write their own names. After this tasked been finished they were shown some basics tools. To make computer as a funny enjoyable thing we planned to show them the thing of their interest. And from them we came to know that they all all enjoys playing in drawing. So we show them “paint”. We show the basics of this tool as they learnt it fast as they were already interested on it. However after we have shown them, we told them to implement this thing by their own. At first some of them were fearing of touching the mouse[:)]. But they learnt to do it and they enjoyed it very much. We also distributed some chocolate among the best performers. After this their break started and they went.

After the break for the lack of time Ratna went to take the class of VIII and I took the V-B section’s practical class. In the class VIII Ratna taught them the basics and some of them knew the basics which was helpful for making them understandable.

Thus the whole day passed. It was 4:00 pm then, which was the end of their classes. So we came out of the school and waited for the bus and at 4:30 bus came and we came back. Really, I have never experienced such thing in my whole life……more to have……

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